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Welcome to Nashville Interpreters

 We facilitate communication between English and Limited English speakers.  Our languages include: Spanish, Italian, Bosnian, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Lao, ThaiJapanese, Kurdish & Hebrew.  

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 Fill in the short form** below, press submit and you will be contacted within 24 hours with an estimate and availability.  If you need immediate assistance, please call 615-419-5103 and speak with Tonya directly. Thank you for your business!

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**If you are using Safari or Mozilla, please copy & paste this form & email your request to: millertonya@hotmail.com  Thanks!


  Some helpful TIPS about Interpreters   

What Does an Interpreter Do?

An interpreter is a person who translates spoken language orally, as opposed to a translator, who translates written language.

What Are the Qualifications of an Interpreter?

Just like any expert, interpreters have varying degrees of qualification.  State certification, college degrees and many private programs offer special designations to interpreters and translators.  What is a qualified interpreter in Nashville, TN?  The Nashville ADA Compliance Division definition is:

Qualified Interpreter: A qualified interpreter means an interpreter who is able to interpret effectively, accurately, and impartially both receptively and expressively, using any necessary specialized vocabulary.

If you would like to become an interpreter, the only certification necessary is through the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts.  Please feel free to go to their website and get the information.  It is also good to attend various workshops offered to interpreters.  These workshops are offered locally through the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute and the Tennessee Association of Professional Interpreters and Translators.

How Much Does an Interpreter Cost?

Since every service request is different and because we give special discounts to long-term customers, it's difficult to publish fixed prices.  In general, our services will cost you between $40 and $80 per hour, depending on location, terminology, amount of notice given, language and incumbent activities.  Please fill out a an Interpreter Request to receive a better idea for your specific need.

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